With a MBA from a French business school, I began my professional career as an Area Export Sales Manager and then as Export Director for local manufacturing companies in the Lyon (France) region, before starting my first company in 2001, then a second in 2003 in the Construction business, which I sold 11 years later, with about fifty employees and a regional recognition.

Those eleven years at the helm of this company gave me all skills to handle any building / construction projects, from the definition of the solutions to their implementation, their follow-up, etc.

Then the call of living abroad was stronger than ever, so I headed towards Florida! After quickly passing my real estate license, I then successfully developed a real estate investment business, buying, renovating and reselling properties in the shortest time possible in Miami-Dade county.

Married, father of 2, I am passionate about real estate, construction and Crossfit. I speak fluent English and Spanish, very useful language in South Florida.

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